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Delivery charges for a product can be influenced by various factors that create a difference in charges and here are factors that will determine your delivery charge. 

  1. Distance to the Destination:The distance between the point of origin and the delivery destination is a significant factor. Longer distances often result in higher delivery charges.
  2. Package Weight: Heavier packages usually incur higher delivery charges because they require more fuel and resources to transport and this is a special factor for our international customers
  3. Package Dimensions: The size and dimensions of the package can affect delivery charges, especially for couriers and shipping services that consider both weight and volume and these are international shipping and city-to-city.
  4. Shipping Method: Different shipping methods have varying costs. Standard shipping is usually less expensive than expedited or overnight delivery options.
  5. Delivery Speed: Faster delivery options, such as next-day or same-day delivery, typically come with higher charges due to the expedited service.
  6. Delivery Location: Shipping to remote or rural areas may result in higher charges due to increased transportation costs and longer travel times.
  7. Customs and Duties: For international deliveries, customs fees and import duties can significantly increase the overall cost.
  8. Order Value: We do offer free shipping or reduced delivery charges for orders that meet a certain minimum purchase amount.

 So for more clarification of your order, it’s better to have communication with our sales team for better calculation of the delivery fee.

Delivery Time varies according to different factors that might make it faster or slower and here they are;

  1. Standard Delivery: This is the most common shipping option, and it usually takes Hours(to customers who are within the city), A few days(One to Two to customers who are from different cities)  to a couple of weeks for international deliveries for the  the product to reach you, depending on your location.
  2. Express or Expedited Delivery: We do offer faster shipping options at an additional cost. These can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on your location.
  3. International Delivery: If you are ordering from another country, the delivery time can vary significantly, often ranging from one to four weeks or more.
  4. Custom or Made-to-Order Products: For custom-made or personalized items, the delivery time can be longer as they require production time. It can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the product.
  5. Holidays and Special Events: During busy seasons or holidays, delivery times can be longer due to increased order volumes.

We do have a tracking order system which is more based on information submission directly to the customer’s phone and email on how the shipment is being progressed.

It depends on the country’s rules and regulations there are some packages that won’t be charged but some will be shared 50% to 50% between the customer and the company.

Yes, we do provide international shipping and their cost and delivery time varies on depending the product ordered for example For custom-made or personalized items, the delivery time can be longer as they require production time. It can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the product.

For more detail you cant contact the sales team and our customer care

Returns & Refunds

Yes there will be a return but you have to communicate with our customer care and elaborate on the reasons for the return and proceed with other process.

Please contact the financial department team via the Customer care link and they will help you to revert the incorrect refund.

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